The Cape Cove guide to the top 5 green festivals

The Cape Cove guide to the top 5 green festivals 2022 :

  • Shambala happens between the 25th and 28th of August. The festival has worked hard to reduce its global footprint by 80% and is running it on 100% renewable power. It also is completely vegetarian – they do not sell meat and fish. You will not find any disposable plastics either.
  • Green Man Festival takes place in Wales every year. Green Man will have no single use plastics on site and all packaging will be 100% compostable. They are also using reusable stacking cups. What a great invention. Their stage is powered by 100% solar power too!
  • Green Gathering festival on the 4th to the 7th of August is all about creating a green, sustainable environment. The festival is filled with music, comedy and also creativity. Sustainability is a big part of the festival. Green Gathering is using power from a renewable source and not using any generators. They do not serve any meat or fish at the festival and all of the food comes from ethical sources.
  • Wilderness held in Oxfordshire in August has great environmental policies.Their policies include water refill stations, a cup deposit scheme, a ban on plastic straws, exclusively biodegradable eco-friendly glitter being used and sold on the site, and a series of campsite deposit stations – for ‘left-over’ tents, tarpaulins, sleeping bags etc. which will all go to Help Refugees.
  • Hay Festival in beautiful Hay on Wye are at the forefront of sustainable practices. Including recycling, reducing waste and using a renewable energy supplier. Plus the festival actually goes one step further and actually opens up the floor for learning and discussion. A series of ‘Green Events’ run through the programme each year, debating current issues, exploring new developments and applauding technical advances.