Introducing Charlotte Lodey

The stars aligned for us earlier this year when we met the incredible Charlotte Lodey.  We connected instantly through our shared beliefs and passions. Charlotte is an inspirational ‘change facilitator’ who is now a dear friend of Cape Cove. Charlotte will work alongside us over the next few months and we would love you to get to know Charlotte as well. 

Charlotte is an ICF Life Coach and Blue Health Practitioner based in Newquay, Cornwall, meaning she  dedicates most of her time to helping others realise their potential through integrative coaching and experiences. With almost 20 years of experience working with people in communication and development, Charlotte oozes nothing but passion when inspiring others through her motivational speaking, 1:1 coaching, immersive events and retreats.

As a huge advocate for the outdoors, much like ourselves at Cape Cove, Charlotte demonstrates that by diving deep you can reap immense rewards:

“My connection with the ocean has been an integral part of my life, it is my saviour, my support, my life source. When times are good or bad, the sea will be there to ebb and flow and give me the perspective I crave. Exploring the sanctuary that awaits us outdoors, whilst untethering from overstimulation and reconnecting with ourselves is what I live for.”

With her overflowing love for the big blue, Charlotte immerses herself into the world of cold water swimming as a way to, ironically, maintain her own internal peace. After all, as a species, we still retain a deep biological connection with the ocean, but it is often disregarded within our modern day society. But since it is scientifically proven to have positive effects on our mental and physical well being, Charlotte expresses that facilitating this awareness in people is really important to her:

“I am passionate about helping others step out of their comfort zones and realising their potential. So much growth, confidence and expansion happens when we do little things that scare us. That is why I absolutely love cold water swimming as it requires trust in ourselves and our surroundings. On the other side, it can dramatically change our behaviours and association with stress, unhelpful habits and mental clarity.”

 “I believe everyone has a purpose and sometimes we can become disconnected from it, due to our jobs, environment, friends, or inherited beliefs. My work allows people the space and permission to work introspectively to find that thing that lights them up, makes them feel alive, and reignites that fire within them.”

Being a female-founded company, we could not be more excited to start this next chapter with such an inspirational woman. And when asking Charlotte what made her feel connected to us at Cape Cove, it became very apparent that the feeling is more than mutual:

“Cape Cove is inclusive, embracing and loving of all women, whether you're a professional surfer to an occasional dipper, or someone that just loves the outdoors. Everyone is welcome and I love that. Additionally, I want to know that the clothes I wear have been consciously created, with the planet and communities in mind. I also want to feel like I am wearing something that will last a lifetime, which is exactly what I feel when I wear Cape Cove's designs.”

Welcome to Cape Cove Charlotte!

Charlotte Lodey

'Change facilitator'