Pop ups

Wilder. Together

We love to say yes to an invitation. It means getting outside more and enjoying the hills, lakes, woodland and beaches, whatever the weather. It means breathing, moving, feeling windswept and being amongst the wonder of it all. When we’re wilder, we’re more in tune with everyone and everything. We feel courageous, fresh, free and alive. 

So, this year, we are super excited to be popping up at the following outdoor locations.

Badminton Horse Trials, 8th - 12th May

Winking Prawn, Salcombe, 27th - 1st June.

Happy Place Festival, 12th - 14th July.

Winking Prawn, Salcombe, 24th July - 28th August.

Burghley Horse Trials, 5th - 8th September.


The Coves xxx