Our Story

Wilder. Together

Cape Cove is a sisterhood of explorers. We curate stunning, artisanal garments for wild hearted women and a wilder way of living. Feel-good and throw-on style that’s inspired by nature and cut for adventure. We do it to say a massive yes to better relationships; with each other, with our community, and with this beautiful, natural world we all enjoy. 

We believe in lifting ourselves and lifting each other

We believe in trying our best, showing up and encouraging each other. We succeed by working as a team and wrapping our arms around our customers, suppliers and anyone we make contact with. We want everyone to feel welcome, we want everyone to feel celebrated and we believe that every difference is divine. 

We believe that the joy and freedom we feel today shouldn’t compromise the joy and freedom we can all feel tomorrow 

Earth is our home and we want to keep our shorelines, hillsides, woodlands and waterways beautiful. So our investment pieces are built to last, we commit to repairing and reselling and we put the planet first when we select fabrics. We choose relationships with artisanal craftspeople, we show deep respect for their skill, and we care about our social and environmental impacts. We try to make good choices, we take conscious action and we give charitably. We’re always questioning everything we do. 

We believe in making sand angels 

A splash of spontaneity is liberating and exhilarating. Let’s all have a go no matter who we are or how we got here. We value jumping in, joining in and chasing the sparkles. No overthink, no judgment and no silly rules. We believe that trying is winning in the moment and we know that anybody can change the world in an instant. Let’s not wait for confidence before we show up, let’s just show up and find it on the way. 

Wild hearts beat stronger together

We're led by women, who feel the call to the outdoors, and we exist wholeheartedly for women who want to experience the thoughtfulness, consciousness and deep soul nourishment of sisterhood.

We believe in following your dreams

As founders we are three friends, Jo, Clare and Suzannah. We founded Cape Cove in 2022, after two decades working for retail giants, including John Lewis. The valuable skills we learned from these amazing companies gave us the bravery to jump off and create Cape Cove. In recent times we’ve noticed a shift in how women -ourselves included - are choosing to shop. More carefully, more questioningly and with more purpose. This is the community we are proud to represent. Cape Cove is so much more than a shopping experience: it is a community of like-minded women, who need less stuff but want more meaning. Who are looking for great style and quality without exploiting people or our planet. So let's connect as a community, gather and grow, shop and swap more soulfully. In this way, we hope that Cape Cove can act as a force for good.