Our Story

Wilder. Together

Welcome to Cape Cove, a lifestyle brand for wild hearted women, who adore water and wellness, want to flourish as a community; to gather & grow, and to shop and swap - more soulfully.

We launched our business in April 2022, intent on creating a heart-centered lifestyle brand for women like us. ‘We are Jo, Clare and Suzannah - each of us bring over two decades experience working within amazing house-hold name brands, including John Lewis, - that’s a colossal 60 years combined!  We saw and learnt so many great things during these years but also recognised that real change is needed (Right image left to right: Clare, Jo and Suzannah).

The commercial pressure of the industry, the constant cycle of more and more newness driving high volumes and excessive consumption - at what cost?  We began to question our place in the system.

At the same time we noticed women undertaking courageous personal challenges and following daily wellness routines in nature, to enhance their physical and mental health.  LIke us, we noticed they were shopping more mindfully, looking for connection, authenticity - to be part of something. We started to believe that a different way was possible. Inspired by the best bits of the big businesses we’ve been part of, such as the progressive partnership model that we witnessed first hand at John Lewis, we began to envision a new, slower, more regenerative approach to business, our experience instilling in us the bravery we needed to jump off and create Cape Cove. 

From the beginning we didn’t want this to be about us. It’s about you and the wonderful people we work with to create the clothes we sell or work alongside to deliver events and retreats.  We are passionate about fair distribution of income and reward and for this reason we built Cape Cove around a community impact model from the ground up. This is the community we are proud to be part of.

Wild hearts beat stronger together

We're led by women, who feel the call to the outdoors, and we exist wholeheartedly for women who want to experience the thoughtfulness, consciousness and deep soul nourishment of sisterhood. (Bottom image left to right, Co-founders - Clare, Jo and Suzannah).

We’re only at the beginning of our journey and we know it's going to be a constant learning curve. We are keen to collaborate with others who are on a similar journey to ours - do get in touch if you’d like to exchange ideas and learnings. Here we’ll share what we’ve learnt so far on our journey as an independent brand, what we’re working on to improve and our vision for the future.