The Charities Close to Our Hearts

Charity is important to us at Cape Cove. As founders and as a brand, we want to see the world become a happier place through showing support and care to both our people and our planet. We are therefore committed to giving 20% of our profit each year to charitable causes.

The charities we support include: ‘Surfers Against Sewage’, and the ‘Family Holiday Charity’

Surfers Against Sewage; “Together, we are the voice of the ocean” 

We chose this charity as they pledge to create a world full of “ocean activists” in order to  help clean our water from its obscene pollution. They, and we, believe in the power of unity;  we have the capacity to provoke a wave of great change since even the smallest efforts done  daily gradually become substantial. We are all guilty of being slightly careless when it comes  to our actions impacting the environment, so we urge you all to make a conscious effort to  ‘do your bit’ to help our planet before it's too late. Whether this is through coming together  for a beach clean-up, or simply being extra conscientious of our beautiful (and fragile) planet,  you too can help make a huge difference in sustaining our seas!  

Family Holiday Charity; “We help families get time away together, often for the first  time ever” 

At Cape Cove we support the great work of Family Holiday Charity, helping families get time away together, often for the first time ever. 

The charity is for children of families who have never seen the sea. It’s for teenagers who can’t remember when they last saw their mum smile, and for parents having to choose between a day out and a new pair of school shoes. It’s for young carers, kinship carers and families facing illness isolation and bereavement. 

Holidays open up new possibilities. Time to reconnect, try new things and make happy memories together. Running, playing, climbing trees and flying kites. Time for picnics and bare feet. Sharing a laugh and watching the tide come in. Buckets, spades and sandy sandwiches. 

Family Holiday Charity finds out what each family needs and takes care of all the details. That way families can take care of the most important thing - each other. 

Families choose the holiday they need. It could be a caravan on the coast, a woodland adventure or a day out at a theme park, museum or farm. And whatever the weather, it means time spent together. Even just a day’s holiday helps build relationships, confidence and hope for the future.