The Cape Cove Sustainable Festival Guide

It’s that time of year when festivals and events start popping up, encouraging us to get outdoors, enjoy music, community, food and nature.

Here at Cape Cove we love opportunities to get together, share memories and have fun! With these values along with the environment and sustainability very much at the forefront of our business we thought we would share some top tips to a more conscious festival life this Summer.

Take reusables!

With so many options on the market now, there are some fabulous options for reusable everyday products. The best ones to take to a festival to ensure less waste are water bottles and coffee cups. There are some really quirky and individual designs on the market and when shopping for a water bottle the stainless steel ones are the most effective and less toxic. Plus more often than not vendors discount people bringing their own cups/bottles to help encourage the plastic free ethos. 

Plastic free power!

Lots of festivals are now plastic-free and have several systems in place to ensure they don’t promote or use single-use plastics anywhere on site. The Spring Classic Festival in Devon at the end of this month, of which Cape Cove are sponsors, has a strict no single-use plastic policy in place. 

You can make other replacements to help combat this throw away consumer culture too. Such as take your own cutlery that can be reused, don’t opt for plastic applicator tampons, bring your own carrier bags, and carry your own reusable metal or bamboo straw for those sundowner cocktails.

Invest in good quality camping gear.

Good quality well made camping accessories and tents mean they will last more than one festival. Glastonbury has on average 5,000 tents left behind, which can end up going into landfill if damaged or broken. Investing in good gear means you won’t leave it behind and it will last many more festivals and sleepovers!

Biodegradable glitter is a thing.

We love to dress up as much as the next festival goer….so making small switches to items such as biodegradable glitter and compostable wet wipes means the plastic and waste stays out the water systems and prevents marine damage. 

Think about how you travel.

There are definitely more efficient ways to travel to and from festivals if you make a plan beforehand. If you have to drive, can you do a local shout out and make sure you fill one car with people instead of driving 4 separate cars? Check out the local rail network, or mega bus, if you book early you can sometimes bag a bargain.