Together we can change our waters

Cape Cove Supports Surfers Against Sewage to #endsewagepollution

At Cape Cove we curate feel-good and throw-on style for water lovers. We stand up for better relationships with our waters and we support people who do good things to keep them clean and clear.

Surfers Against Sewage want to stop sewage flowing into UK bathing waters by 2030.

Who wouldn’t want to be on board with that?

As members of the Surfers Against Sewage SAS 250 Club, we support their education programmes, beach cleans and campaigns to protect the marine environment.

Support Surfers Against Sewage

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A colossal call for our waters

4.3 million visit mainland UK inland waterways every fortnight

90% of sewer overflows in England and Wales flow directly into our rivers

1/5 swimmable days are lost due to pollution

3x more overflow events are predicted due to climate change

Facts and figures from the Surfers Against Sewage 2021 Water Quality Report

More and more we’re all bonding in the blue

Everybody is taking to our seas and rivers to escape the everyday and to connect with something far bigger. Nature and water brings us a sense of joy, freedom and mental and physical wellbeing. Now more than ever we’re heading to our lakes, rivers and shorelines. Record numbers are wild swimming, cold water dipping and taking to the water all year round.

Relax, unwind and exercise but…

There’s a problem. Wastewater. Hugo Tagholm is an avid surfer and Chief Executive of Surfers Against Sewage. He says,

‘Water companies and the government view rivers as places that can absorb pollution. It means our precious watercourses… are bearing the brunt of more than 3 million hours of sewage…in 2020 alone. Profit before people and the planet on a huge scale.’

We treasure our precious blue waters, so we’re doing something about it.

What we’re calling for

We want change. We need a bit of help to do it but that’s the power of community. With more environmental campaign groups, grassroots activists, volunteers and conscious shoppers jumping in to support, we’re seeing that change. And Surfers Against Sewage are showing us the way with clear aims that they’re taking all the way to the very top.

Setting rules to make companies take action

To reduce pressure on sewers and to treat wastewater

More tests, designated bathing waters and real-time data

Urging spend into sewage infrastructure by the worst offenders

With wider support Surfers Against Sewage can shout louder for the ocean. Educating, reporting, talking politics, cleaning our watercourses and pushing for vital changes.

How you can help our community to thrive

Support Surfers Against Sewage every time you choose to keep our waters and shores clean. Take your litter home, get involved with a Beach Clean, or even run your own cleanup. And by aligning with any SAS 250 Club member, you’re doing your bit to protect our waterways.

Join the Surfers Against Sewage community

Relationships are important to us so we’re big on community. We love to share the great work our friends are doing and we want everyone to get involved. Keep our marine environment clean by giving directly to SAS, joining the community or becoming a member.

Website: Surfers Against Sewage

Instagram: @surfersagainstsewage

Facebook: @SurfersAgainstSewage