Why We Love Wim Hof

An inspirational man who has inspired many, renowned for breaking countless endurance records, most of which showcase his shocking ability to resist cold temperature. Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, has been testing the boundaries of human potential for decades. For instance, he spent nearly 2 hours fully submerged in ice-cold water without his core body temperature wavering. He also surpassed the death zone of Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts, as well as running a full marathon across a scorching Namibian desert without drinking any water. As he continues to exceed what scientists believed the human body was initially capable of, we are left with one big question: is Wim Hof simply superhuman, or is there a realm of untapped potential within all of us just waiting to be unleashed?


Well, through his specific training, which is known as the ‘Wim Hof Method’, he believes that we all have the capacity to become “superhuman” since we are working with the same tools! The concept itself is pretty simple: the method aims to keep the body and mind in their optimal natural state, much like the state we would’ve maintained throughout our early evolutionary history. For in the past as a species, we were forced to face the merciless conditions of the natural environment, which would have automatically engaged with our animalistic side as a form of protection. Much like the “fight or flight” mode we can still tap into today! However, now that we are able to stay relaxed and toasty in our homes, we are gradually losing our instinctual animalistic qualities and actually regressing as a species because of it. We fall ill more easily, lose sleep and stress out…


Therefore, Hof’s method is fundamentally all about regaining this control. And to do so, he has compartmentalised this into “three powerful pillars”: breathing, cold therapy and commitment. 


It seems almost ironic that breathing, something we do subconsciously, has such tremendous healing potential, and Hof’s specialised technique has been proven to do this to the greatest effect. For example, you may gain more energy, reduce your stress levels and even amplify your immune response to pathogens. Then, when combining his breathing method with a form of cold therapy, a cascade of physical benefits can follow, such as reduced inflammation, a stronger overall immune system and improved production of endorphins. But of course, the full extent of these benefits can only be achieved through patience, dedication and commitment to his methods!


Although there isn’t necessarily the need to unlock our full extreme potential within our modern day society, his practices on the whole enable you to become happier, healthier and stronger as a person. As well as this, Hof demonstrates that the only way to truly access these benefits, and keep progressing as a society, is to take a step back and reconnect with our environment.